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Live a well-nourished life.

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The Nourish Program

Are you ready to start your journey towards better health without spending hours at the gym or going on another diet? Introducing the Nourish Program, an all-inclusive holistic health program designed to help you build healthy habits that work for you and your lifestyle. This program helps you improve your metabolic health, by targeting areas such as your blood sugar, blood pressure, cholesterol, and weight.

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#1 Food To Lower High Cholesterol | Dietitian Explains

In this video, I'll reveal the number one food that has been scientifically proven to help lower cholesterol levels in the body. You'll learn about the different types of this food and how they can affect cholesterol absorption in the gut. I'll also explain the mechanism by which this food binds to cholesterol, preventing its absorption into the body. Additionally, I'll provide some examples of delicious and healthy foods that are rich in this cholesterol-lowering food, which you can easily incorporate into your diet to promote better heart health. If you're curious about natural ways to improve your cholesterol levels, then this video is for you!

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This 1-week meal plan features heart-healthy foods and takes inspiration from the DASH diet. Extra virgin olive oil is the main cooking oil. Plant-based fats from seeds and seed butter provide healthy unsaturated fats. Protein comes from lean options to keep saturated fat and cholesterol to a minimum. The meal plan incorporates fruits, vegetables, and grains daily for fiber.

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