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How many fruits, vegetables, and whole grains should I eat in a day?

The MyPlate plan is a visual and practical guide to help individuals make healthier food choices and maintain a balanced diet. It was developed by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) to promote healthy eating habits and is a valuable tool for those looking to improve their nutrition. The MyPlate plan divides a typical dinner plate into four sections: fruits, vegetables, grains, protein. It also includes a side of dairy.

The MyPlate also encourages portion control and moderation. It promotes reducing empty calorie intake by limiting foods and drinks high in added sugars and solid fats. To identify how much fruits, vegetables, grains, and protein you can aim for in a day, use the MyPlate plan below. Be sure to adjust the recommendations to suit your dietary needs. For example, some people may need more or less of one category (i.e protein). You can also find a Spanish version below.

Here is the MyPlate Plan in Spanish

In summary, after receiving your personalized MyPlate plan, write down your recommended portions for fruits, vegetables, grains, protein, and dairy. Aim to meet these recommendations as closely as possible, but also remember that the MyPlate plan is flexible. Don't hesitate to adjust it to better meet your specific dietary needs and preferences. Prioritize variety, moderation, and portion control to maintain a balanced and healthy diet that works for you!


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